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A gossip betrays a confidence,
but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.

Proverbs 11:13

Can you keep a secret?

Maintaining confidentiality is imperative in Freedom Ministry.*
Recipients are disclosing the most sensitive, private aspects of their lives.
Their sins and failings,
Their hurts and pains,
Their generational sins.
Their unspoken dreams.
They need to have complete trust in the encourager to maintain privacy.

Recall for a moment the last time someone broke your trust….
How did it feel?
What did you think?
What did you want to do?
How long did it take to trust them again?
How long did it take to trust others again?

Once trust is broken …. it is gone.
It damages the recipient.
It damages your ability to ever minister again.
It damages the ability of others to minister again.
It damages the ministry as a whole.

Some specific examples….

Be careful when giving examples of those you have helped in the past,
That you not give information so someone might guess who it is.

Be careful when running into someone in public,
That you not ask how things have gone since their Freedom Appointment.

Be careful with notes, phone numbers, and addresses,
That you not have confidential information where it can be found.

Be careful when someone’s name comes up in conversation,
That you do not act as though you recognize their name.

Be careful if asked if you have done a Freedom Appointment for someone,
That you do not acknowledge either yes or no.

I ask again…. Can you keep a secret?  Search your heart.

Clearly explain confidentiality to recipients

Shred any paperwork related to the appointment
In the presence of the recipient.

When explaining confidentiality to recipients
be sure to explain the exceptions to confidentiality.

* Exceptions to Confidentiality:

In the case of imminent danger to self or others
confidentiality must be broken
and the proper authorities notified.

In the case of consultation and supervision
within the ministry
confidentiality may be broken
but only necessary details for supervision
with identifying information kept private as possible.

Confidentiality Agreement for Set Free Ministries.

I understand that my role is to offer a listening ear, encouragement, words of grace and or prayer support and love to those seeking ministry.

I understand that in fulfilling my role I will be aware of information which is extremely personal and confidential to the ministry recipient and ministry team.

I understand that though I may not be bound by a professional code of conduct I am bound by a Bibilical code of justice, morality and love.  Therefore, I will not under any circumstances divulge or share with anyone, other than the SFM leadership team member, what has been shared with me by a ministry recipient.  Nor will I divulge the name of any ministry recipient to anyone.  To do so would destroy the support and ministry I am attempting to provide in Jesus name.

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